OnPage Optimization


Perfect On-Site

OnPage Optimization is just half the battle of a successful search engine optimization campaign.Stuffing keywords in the meta tags is no longer a sustainable technique. SS employs a strict SEO process designed to achieve and sustain top 10 positioning on Google/Yahoo/MSN.

Onpage Optimization Will Get You Started

On-page optimization is the process of creating a search engine friendly, cleanly coded, themed webpage by implementing specific natural keyword proximity and integrating all of the up-to-date SEO elements into your website.

Onpage Factors to Consider:

  • Page size
  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Unique Non-Spammy Content
  • Outbound Links
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Navigation Coding
  • CSS and Javascript
  • … and much more …

The goal is to create a website that the search engines can easily read through (code-wise), enjoy reading, come back to read as frequently as possible, and generate a common theme for ranking purposes. Once this has been achieved, thelink building process begins. This on-going service is critical to achieving and sustaining great search engine placement. The link building will be consistent with the keywords targeted on a page by page basis.

While considering all of these SEO factors, you must consider how real human beings will read your website. Consider your goals for the visitor and how you will drive them through the conversion path of least resistance … converting them into a customer. This is where our conversion consulting service kicks in. We’re able to analyze the data and give you recommendations from the visitors perspective on how to drive a visitor to convert via the path of least resistance.