Link Building

The Process

Creating quality link popularity is the key to great search placement. Our techniques are all tried and true. SS employs a strict link building process designed to achieve and sustain the best search placement.

Proven Link Building Techniques

Link Building is part 2 of the SEO process only to OnPage Optimization. Link building is the art and science of strategically acquiring quality links from websites with PageRank, relevancy, and unique content. This is a tedious, powerful, critical process. In order to achieve great search engine placement, you need to execute a well-rounded ongoing link building campaign.

Why is link building so important?

The search engine is a machine — a robot. The robot is very limited in the ways that it can determine how valuable your website is for a particular keyword. The robot will visit your webpage and use a checklist of items to determine the theme of your physical website (the stuff on your actual webpage). The robot also searches and finds any other website that are pointing (linking) to you. It will read the page of the website that links to you and use another checklist to determine how important the website is and how consistent their information is with the theme on your webpage. Based on the overall theme (both on and off your page), the search engine will award you with great positioning/placement for specific keywords.

Figuring out your competitors strategy and why they are in the top 10 of Google, or #1, is a key component of our link building efforts.

Our Link Building Strategies Include:

  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • .GOV .EDU .ORG Link Campaign
  • Competitor Link Audits & Analysis
  • Social Bookmarketing
  • SS Content Posts
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Proprietary In-House Trade Secrets and Methods Proven to Boost Quality Inbound Links
  • Related Strategy Link Building Reachout
  • Link Tracking and Monitoring
  • Anchor Text and Link Saturation Reports

We repeat the techniques mentioned above until you are in the top 10, if not #1, on Google and are 100% satisifed with your placement for 3 specific keywords. Once satisfactory placement has been achieved, we move to the next set of (3) keywords.

Why 3 Keywords? Am I Limited to Only 3 Keywords??

We focus on 3 keywords at a time but you may go after an unlimited # of keyword phrases over the life of your campaign. Our experience has proven that going after 20 keywords at once will leave you on page 20 of Google for 20 keywords, instead of page one for 3.

Without executing a strong link building program, to achieve and sustain top 10 placement on the major search engines. Consider it a popularity contest.