Conversion Consulting

Increase Your Customer to Visitor Percentage

To improve conversions you must improve call to action. To improve call to action, you must understand your customer. To understand your customer, you must analyze visitor behavior.

What good is traffic if the visitors never convert into customers?
Are you driving traffic to your website? Are the visitors converting to a “sale” or “lead”? Beyond traffic, converting visitors to customers is the only thing that matters. Our job is to make sure we are taking as many visitors as possible and guide them through the path of least resistance to a sale/lead.

  • Creating a Conversion Friendly Website: with the help of Omniture and Google analytics, we are able to figure out what visitors are doing and how to change content, structure, and designs to force visitors in the lead/sale-path. We test variations of design, pages, and placement to make sure each page is performing to its greatest potential. Split testing is a well known technique used to figure out what happens when someone lands on your page and how to optimize the page for conversions.
  • Conversion Friendly PPC Landing Pages: Pay Per Click management has evolved over the past few years. Landing pages must now be conversion friendly and well-optimized. Seo Select will create an eye-pleasing, content rich, conversion friendly landing page for all of your adgroups and campaigns.

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