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Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts on link building and SEO

We are allergic to penalties. We often say we would not want to be penalized, but due to some instances, we need to undergo such in order to learn a lesson. It is quite different when we talk about business and our job. When we get a penalty or memo, this could be something to be bothered. We can be penalized in any action we do which is against the rules and regulation of an institution. Everyone sets their rules in order to have everything in order and to avoid going out of the way.

There are some tips given by our mentors online for us to avoid committing mistakes and penalty in Google. If we are in Google and we are doing SEO, hearing the words panda and penguin would be bothering though for some, they are cute. Penguin and Panda in Google should be avoided because they are terms for penalty. As we would want to avoid these two cute things in Google, we should remember that we can do an alternative route in order to avoid these two penalties on our way. There are things such as spamming web which should be avoided during link building. Some would do something such as link farm in order to increase their PageRank. The Moment Google will caught you doing this so, then you will be penalized for your action. Avoid using hidden text and using of unauthorized computerized and automated programs should not be practiced in link building. You should submit legit contents for your site and page.

In online world, we should work honestly and fair since we don’t want a boomerang effect coming all along from the others. We know that keywords also play an important role is search engine optimization, therefore we should not manipulate ranking through using heavy use of keywords which is not in the context of the web page you are optimizing. As much as we want originality in everything, duplication of content could be the worst idea of anyone who wants to get on top easily. We can do some revisions on contents but don’t copy what they have written word by word because we know and understand that the person who wrote it originally underwent difficulties in composing content, therefore we should respect them. Google can easily catch these silly actions done by people who love to do short cuts in success; after all they know that there is none.

Google has some actions to those who were penalized. Their web search rankings would be given negative impact basing on algorithm which was sent on Google. Black hat SEO should not be practiced whenever you want to build up your website. We should play fair and do follow what is legal. Before jumping into SEO, you should read webmaster guidelines first to clear your mind from the do’s and don’ts on link building and SEO. Nobody wants to be dropped in their rankings; therefore ignorance is not an excuse. Do reading as your habit.